Where and when to go to Sicily?

The appropriate seasons to visit Sicily are mainly in spring and autumn. The climate is milder, with 21 to 25°C during these periods. Temperatures are pleasant throughout the year to be able to undertake multiple activities, except in winter due to the presence of heavy rainfall.  However, the variation in the structure of Sicily's reefs means that the climate is very diverse. Before packing your suitcase and booking your flight to Sicily, discover through these few paragraphs: the climate, the favourable seasons and the different places to visit depending on the season.

When to go to Sicily?

The tourist season is between April and November. Spring is the perfect time to make an excursion to Sicily, from April to June before the mass arrival of tourists. To undertake a pleasant and exciting visit to Sicily in every nook and cranny, click here. To enjoy a sunny summer in the country, you should think about leaving around July or September. Sicilian water is delicious during this period, especially in the wind islands or more precisely in Lipari. It should be noted that rates are somewhat high during the tourist seasons. It is then necessary to plan a budget large enough to enjoy an unforgettable stay. On the other hand, in autumn with mild weather, prices are cheaper. And during the winter, the crowds are less crowded, which is ideal for relaxing.

In concrete terms, when to visit the country?

The good news is that it is possible to visit Sicily when the climate is favourable, namely during the months of April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November, i.e. during 8 months of sharpening. The most popular periods for a tour in Sicily are from July to September. The temperature is very pleasant associated with a tolerable heat on the coasts and less appreciated in cities. The cold season is particularly pronounced in February in Palermo. For those who enjoy the rainy season in Sicily, it rains a lot in January, September and October. It should be noted that in winters, the weather is milder and wetter at the same time. In Augusta and Catania, the climate is very favourable at least 10 months every year. For many tourists, spring is the most pleasant season to visit Sicily.

Where to go to Sicily?

The maximum temperature differs from one city to another. Therefore, for a visit to Sicily, you need to know the weather for each city. The ideal time to take a guided tour of Taormina is, for example, between June and August. To go to Syracuse, the temperature is very pleasant from July to August. In Canicatti, Bagheria and Caltanissetta, the best time to practice activities is between May and September. To get to Licata, it is better to go there in June when the weather is milder before the arrival of the hot weather of around 33°C. To undertake excursions to Messina, Marsala and Mazara del Vallo, from July to September, the average temperature is 29 to 30°C. In December, in all cities, we are exposed to an unfavourable climate close to 15 to 17°C until January.
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