Traveling in France

Walking trip in France: the first 9 months

What to remember from this walking trip in France, after eighteen months of hiking? A look back at the first nine months of walking across France on the diagonal of the void. By putting all these (good) moments together, does…

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Tourist guide to visit France and prepare your trip well

A country of art and history with magnificent landscapes and a strong intellectual culture without forgetting the art of living, rich in castles, vineyards and villages of character, France is ideally located in the heart of Western Europe. From this…

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Why travelling in France?

Can you travel to France and make an exotic trip? Before starting my crossing of France on foot, I had the intuition, but I had no idea how much more beautiful this trip to France would be of all my…

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When to go to Ile de Ré in France ?

Ile de Ré is a choice destination for family, romantic or group holidays because of its many tourist attractions. However, to have a good holiday, without any clutter, remember to choose the ideal period before your reservation Ile de Ré….

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