What are the must-see sites and attractions in Tanzania?

There are countless places to visit in Tanzania. With the varied landscapes of the region, you will be spoilt for choice on the place to discover. To be among the other tourists, be aware of the must-see sites in Tanzania and live your adventure to the fullest. Observe animals, authentic scenery and participate in many activities.

Ngorongoro Crater, a jewel of Tanzania

In the north of Tanzania, you will discover the Ngorongoro Crater, the largest intact cadeira on the planet. This wonder is located within a conservation area of the same name. It was formed following a volcano collapse. Around this cavity, you will see breathtaking landscapes, including Makat Lake, a river and marshes. Volcanic mountains also rise around this crater. Due to its splendour, this centre of interest in Tanzania is so popular with hikers and tourists. Note that several hotels are located on the premises to welcome travellers.

An ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro

Who has never heard of Mount Kilimanjaro's reputation? It is impossible to remove this renowned site from the list of places to visit when travelling in Tanzania. This focus in Tanzania is, moreover, the highest peak in Africa. Decorated with snow-covered peaks and surrounded by plains, it can only offer you an idyllic panorama. With its attractions, Mount Kilimanjaro is a paradise for trekkers and hikers. If you are in love, you are invited to admire a beautiful sunset from the lower slopes of the summit. Make sure you don't forget your camera!

Zanzibar, a magnificent attraction in Tanzania

Yes, if you want to discover a rich marine life or enjoy a holiday in the sun, Zanzibar, Tanzania's renowned centre of interest, is a destination of choice. This archipelago, which includes three main islands, namely Pemba, Mafia and Unguja, is also surrounded by several islets. It has all the appeal of a paradise on earth: magnificent sea fronts, tropical landscapes and a variety of seabeds. After swimming in clear-sighted water, a sunbath on the fine sandy beaches will be ideal for sunbathing. If you are a great adventurer and want to observe the treasures of the ocean, a scuba dive is to be expected. Under the shade of the corals, discover multicoloured fish, barracudas and turtles.
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