Stay connected to the Internet in South East Asia during your trip

The internet in Southeast Asia works pretty well. On each of my travels, I have not encountered any particular problem. My job as a blogger encourages me to be connected to the internet as often as possible. Show my photos to my friends and family and share my articles on the other side of the planet. These are my good reasons to be connected. Besides, today's smartphones are so sophisticated that it's hard to do without them, right? But how do you stay connected to the internet for your trip to Southeast Asia?

Why stay connected to the internet in South East Asia?

Who among you can't do without the internet? I thought I was able to do without the phone but finally not because I like to have it on me to use the internet. When traveling, I often use my favorite travel applications, including one that uses GPS location (MAPS.ME), which is handy to locate yourself on a map. It should also be noted that social networks allow you to publish your travel photos and videos at any time of the day with just a few clicks. I also like to contact my friends and family via the many Voip applications such as Skype, Viber or Facebook messenger. So why should I do without a 3G or wifi internet connection? I've compiled for you different ways to stay connected while traveling, I didn't use them all in South East Asia but I know which ones I will use again.

Local prepaid SIM card

The prepaid SIM card is the convenient way to connect from anywhere (within the covered areas). In South East Asia, many operators offer prepaid packages that include a credit corresponding to a number of minutes to make your calls and the possibility to connect to the internet in 3G with a limited data volume. I used prepaid SIM cards (for "tourists") three times during my stay in Bangkok. It's handy when you want to enjoy a cheap trip to Bangkok. Visit and learn more about prepaid SIM cards in Thailand. Advantages:
  • The SIM card is reloadable.
  • Inexpensive, the price of a prepaid SIM card starts at 7€ (about 300 baht) for a week of limited calls and limited internet connection.
  • May need help activating the SIM card.
  • Your smartphone must be unlocked (unlocked) on the SIM card. Once done, you can accept the SIM card from any operator. Ask your telephone operator to unlock your SIM card or ask companies specialising in smartphones, this is a service that is offered on a regular basis.

International prepaid SIM card 100% roaming

The international prepaid SIM card can be ordered on the internet, once you receive it at home, you are ready to go equipped. Advantages:
  • Without subscription
  • Easy to recharge
  • We keep the same number no matter what country we're in.
  • It's still expensive. I saw on a site offering international prepaid SIM cards these rates: it will cost you about 25 euros to make calls and send sms and 1.20 euros or 6.99 euros for 500MB of data for 30 days or 24.99 euros for 5GB for 30 days (Lycamobile internet pass data)10.20 euros to use the internet for 30 days. You will find this kind of service with virtual mobile operators such as Lebara mobile, Lycamobile, Elyatel... However, please note that these operators do not exist in all countries.

Pocket Wi-Fi

For a few years now, there have been companies that offer pocket wifi. Pocket Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the internet with a box, unlimited, no more off-package abroad. Before your departure, you book the box on the site, we deliver it to your home, then you take it with you on your trip. On your return, nothing could be simpler, you put all the material (box + charger) in the pre-stamped envelope and put it in the mailbox.
Why using an international SIM card for your trips?
The international SIM card you absolutely need for your next trip

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