Organize and plan your trip to Chile

Chile is a republic located on a narrow strip of land of more than 5,300 km along the west coast of South America for about 756,950 km², between Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. It is one of the most developed countries in Latin America, with the bonus of security and a wide variety of resources for travellers. From places of interest to not-to-be-missed events, biodiversity and culinary specialities, Chile will offer you a memorable stay.

Planning your trip to Chile

Travelling involves expecting to experience unexpected events and surprises, but it is always useful to plan at least a minimum, especially if you are travelling to a foreign country. The best way to plan your trip to Chile is to use local agencies or professionals. They know the country's must-see attractions as well as the most unusual or atypical places and activities. In addition, they master the subtleties of your trip such as the mandatory medical repatriation insurance. They will take care of the stay of your dreams from A to Z: your transportation to your destination by authorized carriers, your accommodation on site and above all the tailor-made tour in Chile with an approved guide. You must do is contact these specialized French-speaking agents who will give you a quote. Several formulas exist if you travel in a group or as a couple, for your honeymoon for example. Tours for people with reduced mobility are also available.

What to see and do during a tailor-made stay in Chile?

For your tailor-made trip to Chile, plan at least 10 days to create as many memories of the country as possible. You can choose a preferred region and travel extensively or cross the country from north to south. It is also possible for you to make themed tours such as discovering the great ancient civilizations of the Andes. Anyway, don't miss the Acatama Desert in northern Chile, where you can play astronomers every night and see vast salt lakes, geysers, etc. The natural monument Cueva del Milodon in the south of the country, about 24 km north of the city of Puerto Natales, is also very interesting with its caves full of history. Finally, if you want to ski in June, July and August, go to Valle Nevado. You will enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the many slopes of the resort.

What is the best time for a tour in Chile?

Due to its length, Chile has ecoregions with different climates. The northern cities are bathed in a temperate desert climate with temperatures ranging from 11° C in July to 24° C in January. The centre of the country is governed by a Mediterranean climate with temperatures reaching 29° C from December to February. The south has an oceanic polar climate with heavy rains from April to September and temperatures as low as 4°C in winter (June to August). So there is really no better time to travel to Chile. The country can be visited all year round. It would depend more on the part of the country you plan to go to and the activities you plan to carry out. However, November, December, January and February are the most popular months for travellers. Indeed, the weather conditions are favourable during these months both for a stay in central Chile in Santiago and Easter Island as well as a trip to Chile to Lauca National Park in the north or a visit of penguins on Magdalena Island in the Strait of Magellan.
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