Is New York CityPass essential to visit New York?

Indeed, especially for your first visit to New York, buying a New York City Pass ticket is useful and necessary for you. He helps you a lot during your stay in New York City, for visits to the city's monuments and must-see sites. But how do you buy the ticket, what are its advantages and how does it work?

How to get a New York City Pass ticket?

For your first visit to New York, you must first purchase a New York city pass to facilitate your tourist pass to New York. In a New York City Pass ticket, you can benefit from six visits to New York, as if you are buying a pack of visits instead of buying a ticket for each visit. It would be better if you buy a city pass online, as it is cheaper than the cost of a direct purchase. You place your order online on a site, after which you will receive an email confirming your purchase, which you will simply present to the first site you want to visit. In a New York City Pass ticket, there are some must-see attractions that you can visit at your leisure. To know a little more, on the New York city pass, you can go to

What are the advantages of a New York City Pass?

Having a New York city pass on hand saves you time and money. Indeed, a New York pass that you buy online allows you to save money, because it is cheaper to buy online, and you only must present your ticket from one visit to another. You don't have to queue to buy a ticket for a visit. You will go directly to the queue cutter. you must schedule your visits. Normally, you should have time to visit all the monuments and sites mentioned in the ticket during the nine days of validity of the ticket, starting from the presentation of your ticket for your first visit.

How does a New York City Pass work?

Using the New York city pass is easy. All you must do is present the confirmation of purchase of the pass on your first visit. You go directly to the visit site. This is only valid for a new york pass, which you bought online. You have nine days from the first visit to use your ticket. This way, you can enjoy the six visits or attractions, which are mentioned in the New York CityPASS. Note that transportation costs from one site to another are not included in the New York City Pass.
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