Housing and nomadic life

Published on : 25 June 20203 min reading time

The most peculiar feature of nomadic life is the lack of fixed housing. One of the great advantages; not having a vacant room or apartment on our hands: we become our own house, our own refuge.

How do I stay connected while travelling?

For all my trips and journeys of more than 3-5 days (and where it is not too expensive), I purchase a local prepaid SIM card (or phone chip). Depending on the country, this process is more or less simple. You can visit simoptions.com and learn more information about prepaid SIM cards. Sometimes you will have to sign a contract and leave a photocopy of your passport (as for example in Romania), other times you can simply buy the chip at the supermarket (as for example in Germany).

For information, a prepaid SIM card with 1Gb of data cost me about 4€ in Romania compared to 15€ in Turkey (2015). In Canada, prices are among the highest I’ve ever seen!

A first home of recognition

Many nomads (like me!) are looking for temporary accommodation in a new destination and then, as they get to know it, will find cheaper and more local alternatives. In any case, it’s much simpler today, with the advent of home-stay accommodation services such as airbnb, than it was six years ago (phew, that doesn’t make me any younger).

Nomadic life: not really a vacation!

I’d like to bring to your attention that yes, it’s great to get around every week, but actually no. It’s hard to keep up… especially when it comes to making time for work! The nomadic life is not a sabbatical year around the world way. It’s a lifestyle where, in addition to our usual daily tasks, we add travel, house-hunting and social adaptation to a new environment. What did you think? This is real life here.

A base elsewhere, to travel doubly

Sometimes I have a base for a certain period of time (between three, six, twelve months?) from which I radiate. Combining the deep discovery of a host destination and the usual pleasures of travel (whether leisure or work) is for me the most beautiful of alloys. For example, I lived for a year in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This stay allowed me to discover a large part of Thailand (not only geographically, but also culturally) as well as many neighbouring countries and cities. Unlimited inspiration!

For shorter stays

I very often find myself lodging like the average tourist (which I very often happen to be). I like beautiful hotels, and I particularly appreciate their comfort when I travel for work. Sometimes I also opt for simpler alternatives: it all depends on the budget I have at my disposal, the person I travel with, and the purpose of the trip. The guesthouses and their dormitories are however very far behind me, phew! Don’t take me for a snob, it’s because I have to work every day and I have an extra light sleep…

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