Discover Armenia and prepare your trip with a travel agency

The first Christian country, this small Central Asian country offers visitors the richness of its historical heritage and the beauty of its magnificent landscapes. The tours organized by your travel agency will allow you to discover all the facets of a little-known country.

A country to know

Before travelling to Armenia, it is important to learn more about the country you are about to visit. It is for this purpose that your travel agency gives you useful details about this small Central Asian country. It reminds you that, as early as the fourth century, this country was the first to recognize Christianity. A land of passage and invasion, it was then coveted by its powerful neighbours, the Ottomans and the Persians. Between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, this continental country also has magnificent mountain landscapes and high plateaus.

Tours adapted to the discovery of a multiple country

One of the tours, lasting eight days, allows you to discover the capital, Yerevan. Its museums will tell you more about the country's history and the tragic genocide that plunged the Armenian people into mourning. Archaeological sites and a monastery carved out of rock are also worth a visit. The discovery of an incomparable religious heritage also involves visiting churches listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Another organized tour will introduce you to the fauna and flora of Armenia's largest lake. This stay will put you in contact with the treasures of medieval architecture that flourished in the construction of churches in all remarkable points. You can also choose a route that takes you to the Caucasus, in search of high places of Christian monasticism.

Useful information

The tours offered by your travel agency last between 8 and 11 days. It also provides you with all the information you need to properly organize your trip. In particular, it reminds you that, if you are a European Union national, possession of a passport is sufficient to allow you to enter the country. It must be valid for 6 months at the time of departure from the country. You therefore do not need a visa. In addition, no vaccination is required to travel to Armenia. Be aware of other recommendations from your agency, such as those related to the transport of medicines. It also advises you to change your currency into local currency at banks or authorised bodies. She also reminds us that payment by credit card is not always accepted. To get a precise idea of the amount of your stay, you can send a request for a quote to your travel agency. It will be processed as soon as possible.
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