Comparison and advice on choosing the right luggage to travel

Whether travelling regularly or occasionally, a question frequently arises before taking the plane: which suitcase to choose? Indeed, the choice of a suitcase must be made with greater care. Original, fantasy, vintage or trendy, to each his own style. However, the selection criterion is not only about the design and brand of the suitcase. Above all, you must choose a small piece of hand luggage that corresponds to your needs according to the nature of the trip and at the same time respect the requirements imposed by the airlines. Thus, various points should be highlighted to avoid unpleasant surprises during boarding. MBC tells you all about it.

The dimension

The first criterion to consider before buying a suitcase is its size. The size of your suitcase must be in accordance with the rules prescribed by the airlines, particularly for hand luggage. It is a dead end not to be ignored, otherwise, you may travel with oversized suitcases. So, you must determine the usefulness of the suitcase. Is it a carry-on suitcase or checked baggage? For example, when choosing a cabin suitcase, you must take into consideration certain criteria. First, it must be large enough to hold all your personal belongings: computer, spare clothing, toiletries... At the same time, it must meet the standards of approved cabin luggage to fit in the cabins. Therefore choosing the right-hand luggage for the plane is very important in order to fully enjoy the trip.

The solidity

In addition to the fact that the cabin suitcase allows you to equip yourself with your various personal effects in the plane, it is also designed to protect them against possible shocks and falls during the journey. Be aware that your luggage is not safe from accidents. Therefore, the cabin suitcase must be strong enough to protect intact objects. So, when choosing a cabin suitcase for travel, choose a more solid model. Generally, the strength of a suitcase is determined by the material of manufacture. The cabin suitcase is then manufactured from ultra-resistant quality materials: ABS plastic (a type of semi-rigid, impact-resistant plastic), polypropylene or polycarbonate depending on your budget. Here, quality is essential to have a more robust case.


The last criterion for choosing a cabin suitcase is its practicality. The best aircraft suitcase must be handy. Thus, all options must be combined to facilitate the transport and comfort of its user: multidirectional wheels, a foldable carrying handle and a security device (padlock or code). These are essential devices to facilitate your travel and the transport of your luggage. The best and most practical aircraft baggage also has a well-organized interior space. Choose a suitcase with a zipped outer pocket, strap or nets to keep your belongings in order throughout the trip.
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