Alternative solutions to stay connected while on holiday in Asia

To stay connected while travelling, it is also possible to take advantage of alternative solutions to spend as little as possible during your stay. If the stay is not too long or the need to stay connected is occasional, it is possible to consider taking advantage of free wifi networks in the countries visited or using local SIM cards.

Local SIM cards to stay connected in Asia

Asian local SIM cards

To enjoy your holiday without breaking the bank while staying connected, it is possible to buy a local prepaid SIM card to use for the duration of your stay. To do this, make sure your phone is unlocked so that the foreign SIM card works with the smartphone. If this is the case, it is then possible to take advantage of a local phone line (handy for keeping in touch during your trip or for calling hotels, restaurants and tour operators during your stay) and also to recharge the SIM depending on its use. In Thailand, for example, it is very easy to get a prepaid SIM card which is available for sale in all 7-Eleven stores (grocery stores very present in most Asian countries and open 24 hours a day) or via online wbesites like for instance. A passport will be enough to buy the prepaid SIM card and to activate it it is advisable to ask for help from the salesman on the spot. Prepaid cards such as those offered by the Truemove operator have interesting offers similar to French prepaid cards with data packs for example (as in France, pay attention to the validity period following top-ups). For Japan, the solution offered by the operator b-mobile seems the most suitable for foreigners. To get a SIM card, it is possible to buy it directly in Japan at the airport in vending machines but also in electronics stores or directly online. The b-mobile SIM cards do not require activation and offer 5GB of data valid 10 days for 1980¥ or 7GB valid 21 days for 2980¥ (about 16.19€ or 24.36€ at a rate of 1 yen equivalent to 0.0082€). The operator also offers delivery to hotels and postal services at Japanese airports.

Free wifi and applications to stay connected in Asia

In most destinations in Asia, it is possible to find free wifi and thus take advantage of the connection to have internet or to communicate with your relatives. Most hotels and hostels as well as airports now offer free wifi. The big American international chains such as Starbucks or McDonald's are also sure values to have free wifi whatever your destination. There are now many applications to communicate using the internet whether it is Facebook, Whatsapp or Skype among others. Apple users can also use the FaceTime application. All these applications, in addition to their messaging service, offer free video calls as long as the mobile is connected to the wifi. Skype also allows you to call anywhere in the world by topping up your account and getting great rates wherever you go.
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