A tailor-made trip to China

The à la carte trip is a good way to discover China and Tibet by targeting your expectations. Several trips will be proposed to you in order to allow you to leave in the best conditions to live a totally unique experience and to fill up with memories.

China to Tibet Trip: From Beijing to Kathmandu

The first à la carte trip to Tibet will allow you to travel from Beijing to Kathmandu. This family trip is totally unique and exceptional as it offers you an itinerary out of the ordinary. Accompanied by tourism professionals, you will begin your exploration of Beijing to reach Lhasa in the heights of Tibet in order to finish after three weeks in Nepal, in Kathmandu. A totally unique experience where the most unlikely places will open their doors to you.

China to Tibet Trip: from Beijing to Lhasa

This tour will allow you to discover all the treasures of Tibet and Amdo. Before going there, you will enjoy visiting the city of Beijing and Xian in China, which is full of tourist and cultural attractions. And what better way to get to the incredible city of Lhasa, rightly known as The Roof of the World, than by taking the highest train in the world. You will experience a truly exotic adventure and cultural journey by visiting places that are rarely visited to fill up with discovery and memories.

Travel from China to Tibet: The visit of essential sites

This tailor-made trip from China to Tibet will allow you to visit the most important sites. From the Yung Yang caves to the city of Pingyao, you will enjoy an extended excursion to China to experience a total immersion in this country of many treasures. But you will also discover other historic cities such as Beijing or Xian, full of culture, temples and monuments. You will admire the famous Longmen Buddhist caves (which remain the best preserved in the world) before heading to Amdo, an ancient region of Tibet that you will cross on board the highest train in the world. You will then reach the famous city of Lhasa, called the Roof of the World, in order to live a truly unique experience. These trips between China and Tibet are to be made with family or friends. The biggest tourist sites will be proposed to you by professional guides and guides who will be happy to help you discover these exotic destinations. So, do not hesitate and book your tour without delay because, different dates are proposed to you to best meet your needs.
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