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Holiday destinations depend on tastes and your budget. Which place would you prefer? Outdoors, sea and sun, skiing and mountains…? Who are you going with? With family, in couple or with your friends? A tailor-made trip for the elderly? A trip to Dubai, Turkey, France or New Zealand? Some destinations require visas and some of them make it easier for you to obtain this visa. It is important to check this detail before traveling and then, start the administrative procedure. may help you find more interesting destinations.

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Located in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Krabi province, Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands are not-to-be-missed paradise destinations.

Most of tourists dream of staying in the Maldives island. This paradise offers you a variety of must-see activities and luxury holidays.

Paris is also a dream destination. With these interests, activities, monuments, restaurants and luxury shopping malls. There are different dream destinations such as Vietnam, Mexico, Italy, Greece and so on..

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Follow advice on the internet to book cheap flight ticket. First, you need to know the right price for your flight ticket. Then, choose the right time to buy the flight ticket and check airline offer, without forgetting to compare prices…

Here are examples of travel agencies and websites offering cheap offers Leclerc Voyages,, Carrefour Voyages, GO Voyages, Voyage, Easyvoyage, Look Voyages, Esta, Promovacances… The flight comparators also allow you to find a cheap travel.

Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania has the most beautiful reserves in Africa. This paradise offers us the most beautiful specimens of African fauna such as rhinos, buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, not to mention the king of animals, the lion. Serengeti, Manyara and Kilimanjaro are the country’s most popular parks.

What is the price of a Tanzania safari vacations? The cost or price of a safari in Tanzania depends on certain criteria such as accommodation, vehicle, participants and travel agency as authentic world. However, you can spend no less than 120 to 150 € per day and per person for a stay in a lodge.

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Find all our travel tips to help you make the most of your vacation. Our experts share their travel tips to help you save money and move around with complete peace of mind. From health advice to cheap transport solutions to tips on how stay connected with your family back home thanks to international prepaid SIM cards like those available at Sim Options, our tips will definitely make your life easier abroad!